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Laconia Film

Laconia (Originaltitel The Sinking of the Laconia) ist ein zweiteiliger deutsch-​britischer Spielfilm aus dem Jahr Er handelt von der Versenkung des. Fernsehfilm in 2 Teilen, Folge 1–2weiter · 1. Teil 1 (Part 1). 90 Min. Juli Der ehemalige Kreuzfahrtdampfer `Laconia' befindet sich mit britischen Flüchtlingen und italienischen Kriegsgefangenen auf Kurs um das Kap der Guten Hoffnung Richtung Liverpool.

Laconia Film Laconia – News

Juli Der ehemalige Kreuzfahrtdampfer `Laconia' befindet sich mit britischen Flüchtlingen und italienischen Kriegsgefangenen auf Kurs um das Kap der Guten Hoffnung Richtung Liverpool. Laconia (Originaltitel The Sinking of the Laconia) ist ein zweiteiliger deutsch-​britischer Spielfilm aus dem Jahr Er handelt von der Versenkung des. "Laconia", der Film im Kino - Inhalt, Bilder, Kritik, Trailer, Kinoprogramm sowie Kinostart-Termine und Bewertung bei TV Regie führte Uwe Janson, der mit dem viel gelobten Katastrophenfilm „Vulkan" auf sich aufmerksam machte. Alan Bleasdale, dessen politisch. Fernsehfilm in 2 Teilen, Folge 1–2weiter · 1. Teil 1 (Part 1). 90 Min. In Großbritannien war der Fernsehzweiteiler über den Untergang der „Laconia“ ein großer Triumph. Die deutsche Fassung, die das Erste nun. Blickpunkt: Film Kurzinfo. Deutsch-britische Koproduktion über die heroische Tat eines deutschen U-Boot-Kommandanten.

Laconia Film

Blickpunkt: Film Kurzinfo. Deutsch-britische Koproduktion über die heroische Tat eines deutschen U-Boot-Kommandanten. "Laconia", der Film im Kino - Inhalt, Bilder, Kritik, Trailer, Kinoprogramm sowie Kinostart-Termine und Bewertung bei TV Laconia. Deutschland Großbritannien Südafrika TV-Spielfilm TeamWorxX Television & Film GmbH (Berlin / Potsdam / München / Ludwigsburg​).

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RMS Laconia And SubmarinoAlemán U-156 Hundimiento Animación Morven Christie. Wieder sterben viele Menschen, bevor die Schiffbrüchigen endgültig gerettet werden können. Verbessern Sie Ihr Englisch. Jetzt streamen:. Serien Stream Modern Family Sie Französisch. Der Adler ist gelandet. Michael Schreitel. Highlights der Mediatheken aktualisiert am Und selbst Nikolai Kinski besitzt in der untertitelten englischen Fassung komischerweise seine eigene Stimme.

Der Nachbau des U-Bootes für die Dreharbeiten kostete November wurde der Soundtrack vom Musiklabel Alhambra veröffentlicht.

Er enthält 23 Musiktitel mit einer Gesamtspieldauer von Minuten. Der Film, der in deutsch-britischer Koproduktion entstand, wurde in englischer Sprache aufgezeichnet.

Die deutschen Darsteller synchronisierten sich selbst. Die Website Schnittberichte. Namensräume Artikel Diskussion. Ansichten Lesen Bearbeiten Quelltext bearbeiten Versionsgeschichte.

Hauptseite Themenportale Zufälliger Artikel. Deutscher Titel. The Sinking of the Laconia. Vereinigtes Königreich , Deutschland.

Englisch , Deutsch. FSK 12 [1]. Uwe Janson. Alan Bleasdale. Nico Hofmann. Enjott Schneider. Michael Schreitel. By the midth century, this evolved into the Despotate of Morea , held by the last Greek ruling dynasty, the Palaiologoi.

With the fall of the Despotate to the Ottomans in , Laconia was conquered as well. With the exception of a year interval of Venetian rule, Laconia remained under Ottoman control until the outbreak of the Greek War of Independence of Following independence, Sparta was selected as the capital of the modern prefecture, and its economy and agriculture expanded.

With the incorporation of the British-ruled Ionian Islands into Greece in , Elafonissos became part of the prefecture. After World War II and the Greek Civil War , its population began to somewhat decline, as people moved from the villages toward the larger cities of Greece and abroad.

In , a devastating fire ruined the finest olive crops in the northern part of the prefecture, and affected the area of Sellasia along with Oinountas and its surrounding areas.

Firefighters, helicopters and planes battled for days to put out the horrific fire. In early , flooding ruined olive and citrus crops as well as properties and villages along the Eurotas river.

In the summer , a terrible fire devastated a part of the Mani Peninsula, ruining forests, crops, and numerous villages.

The regional unit, Laconia, is subdivided into five municipalities. These are number as in the map in the infobox : [5]. The prefecture had the same territory as the present regional unit.

At the same time, the municipalities were reorganised, according to the table below. Note: Provinces no longer hold any legal status in Greece. For other uses of Laconia and Lakonia, see Laconia disambiguation.

Regional unit. Main article: Sparta. Retrieved 26 September The Spartans. The Overlook Press. Pomeroy, Stanley M. Municipalities of Laconia.

Laconia Film This seems like an excuse more than a realistic assessment. The four submarines, with lifeboats in tow and hundreds of survivors standing on their decks, headed for the African coastline and a rendezvous with the Vichy French surface warships that had set out from Senegal and Dahomey. Main article: Sparta. London: Victor Gollancz Ltd. Die Dreharbeiten dauerten von September bis November Boston: Da Capo Press. The ploy Rimi Sen and caused much embarrassment to the United States after the incident's full report had emerged. Keep track of everything you watch; tell your friends.

Laconia Film - Franka Potente, Ken Duken, Andrew Buchan. Freund und Feind im selben Boot

Paul Hilton. Filme die auf Tatsachen basieren von Ryan Immerhin erweist sich die historische Handlung als im Kern unverwüstlich.

A British officer also messaged the aircraft: "RAF officer speaking from German submarine, Laconia survivors on board, soldiers, civilians, women, children.

Lieutenant James D. Harden of the US Army Air Forces did not respond to the messages; turning away, he notified his base of the situation.

The senior officer on duty that day, Captain Robert C. Richardson III , who claimed that he did not know that this was a Red Cross-sanctioned German rescue operation, ordered the B to "sink the sub.

He feared that the German submarine would attack the two Allied freighters diverted by the British to the site. In his tactical assessment, he believed that the submarine might discover and shell the secret Ascension airfield and fuel tanks, thus cutting off a critical Allied resupply air route to British forces in Egypt and Soviet forces in Russia.

One landed among the lifeboats in tow behind U , killing dozens of survivors, while others straddled the submarine itself, causing minor damage.

Hartenstein cast adrift those lifeboats still afloat and ordered the survivors on his deck into the water. The submarine submerged slowly to give those still on the deck a chance to get into the water and escape.

According to Harden's report, he made four runs at the submarine. On the first three the depth charges and bombs failed to release, on the fourth he dropped two bombs.

The crew of the Liberator were later awarded medals for the alleged sinking of U , when they had in fact only sunk two lifeboats.

Ignoring "Commander" Hartenstein's request that they stay in the area to be rescued by the Vichy French, two lifeboats decided to head for Africa.

Unaware of the attack, U , U , and Cappellini continued to pick up survivors. The following morning Commander Revedin of Cappellini found that he was rescuing survivors who had been set adrift by U Revedin received the following message: "Bordeaux to Cappellini: Reporting attack already undergone by other submarines.

Be ready to submerge for action against the enemy. Keep British prisoners. Keep strictest watch enemy planes and submarines. End of message.

U and U received confirmation from headquarters of the attack on U and were asked for the number of survivors rescued.

The next message from headquarters ordered them to cast adrift all the British and Polish survivors, mark their positions and instruct them to remain exactly where they were, then proceed with all haste to the rescue rendezvous.

The respective commanders chose not to cast any survivors adrift. The order given by Richardson has been called a prima facie Allied war crime.

Under the conventions of war at sea, ships—including submarines—engaged in rescue operations are held to be immune from attack.

Five Bs from Ascension's permanent squadron and Hardin's B continued to search for submarines from dawn till dusk.

That same day, the British at Freetown sent an ambiguous message to Ascension informing them that three French ships from Dakar were en route.

Captain Richardson assumed the French intended to invade Ascension so the submarine hunting was cancelled in order to prepare for an invasion.

With the exception of two British officers kept aboard U, the survivors were all transferred to the rescue ships. On arrival, Colonel Baldwin, on behalf of all the British survivors, presented the captain of Cappellini with a letter that read as follows:.

The submarine Cappellini had been unable to find the French warships so radioed for instructions and awaited a response.

From Casablanca, most of the survivors were taken to Mediouna to await transport to a prison camp in Germany. One of the survivors, Gladys Foster, wrote a detailed description of the sinking, the rescue and then subsequent two-month internment in Africa.

Gladys was the wife of Chaplain to the Forces the Rev. Denis Beauchamp Lisle Foster, who was stationed in Malta. She was on board the ship with her year-old daughter, Elizabeth Barbara Foster, travelling back to Britain.

During the mayhem of the sinking the two were separated and it was not until days later that Gladys discovered her daughter had survived and was on another raft.

She was urged to write her recollection not long after landing back in London. She was returning to England after five years in Palestine , with month-old Sally Kay Readman, [23] who was lost to the sea as they were transferred into the lifeboat.

Doris Hawkins wrote a pamphlet entitled "Atlantic Torpedo" after her eventual return to England, published by Victor Gollancz in In it she writes of the moments when Sally was lost: "We found ourselves on top of the arms and legs of a panic-stricken mass of humanity.

Just as Sally was passed over to me, the boat filled completely and capsized, flinging us all into the water. I lost her. I did not hear her cry even then, and I am sure that God took her immediately to Himself without suffering.

I never saw her again. She spent the remaining war years personally visiting the families of people who perished in the lifeboat, returning mementos entrusted to her by them in their dying moments.

In Doris's words, "It is impossible to imagine why I should have been chosen to survive when so many did not.

Survivor Jim McLoughlin states in One Common Enemy that after the incident Hartenstein asked him if he was in the Royal Navy , which he was, and then asked why a passenger ship was armed, stating, "If it wasn't armed, I would not have attacked.

The Laconia incident had far-reaching consequences. Up until that point, it was common for U-boats to assist torpedoed survivors with food, water, simple medical care for the wounded, and a compass bearing to the nearest landmass.

In it, Dönitz prohibited U-boat crews from attempting rescues; survivors were to be left in the sea. Even afterwards, U-boats still occasionally provided aid for survivors.

At the Nuremberg trials held by the Allies in , Dönitz was indicted for war crimes. The issuance of the Laconia Order was the centrepiece of the prosecution case, a decision that backfired badly.

Its introduction allowed the defence to recount at length the numerous instances in which German submariners acted with humanity where in similar situations the Allies behaved callously.

Dönitz pointed out that the order itself was a direct result of this callousness and the attack on a rescue operation by US aircraft.

The Italian prisoners are taken off U by another U-boat and an Italian submarine. The British requested the Americans to look for Laconia survivors, but did not inform them of the submarine's rescue effort; when a B Liberator finds the submarine, it is ordered to attack.

Soon after the bomber attack, U resumes her hunting duties, leaving behind the lifeboats with the British survivors to be picked up by a Vichy naval surface ship sent by Admiral Dönitz.

While admiring Hartenstein's actions, Dönitz also reluctantly composes the Laconia Order to other U-boat commanders not to rescue survivors in future.

The French ship arrives; one lifeboat leaves the others to make for the coast of west Africa, which it eventually reaches. One British merchant officer is injured in the American attack and remains with U until it reaches port, where he is taken prisoner.

Dönitz awards Hartenstein the Ritterkreuz and proposes to repost him to a desk job at naval command.

Preferring to remain with his men, Hartenstein refuses the post and a final on screen message reports U ' s later sinking with no survivors.

Tobias Haas. Michael Schreitel. Knut Loewe. Adrian Johnston. Monika Jacobs. Genre drama. Tuotanto arvot kohdallaan kun suhteuttaa tv-sarjaan.

Don't really remember it tbh. Movies from German-speaking countries, Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

Laconia Film Sinopsis The Sinking of the Laconia Video

The Sinking of the Laconia trailer Nina packt neuen Mut und ihre letzten Reserven für eine Rettungsaktion. Ansichten Lesen Bearbeiten Quelltext bearbeiten Versionsgeschichte. Tobias HaasMatthew Newman. Zunächst braucht Www.Spielen.Com Dorfleben als Zuschauer die historischen und persönlichen Rahmeninformationen. Nico Hofmann. Michael Schreitel. Daraufhin informiert Hartenstein in einem englischsprachigen Funkspruch die Alliierten über seine Situation und bietet an, dass er helfende Schiffe nicht angreifen würde, sofern er ebenfalls keine Bedrohung von See oder aus der Luft erfahre. Das ZDF bringt es Passengers Hd Filme nur auf 40 Fernsehfilme, die man nicht verpassen sollte; dafür sind dessen neue Produktionen oder z. Laconia Film Laconia. Deutschland Großbritannien Südafrika TV-Spielfilm TeamWorxX Television & Film GmbH (Berlin / Potsdam / München / Ludwigsburg​). „Laconia“ ist ein Old-School-Drama für empathiebereite Zuschauer. Tagebuchartige Zwischentexte entsprechen dem angenehm altmodischen Stil des Films. wird das zum Truppentransporter umfunktionierte Luxus-Passagierschiff Laconia auf der Heimfahrt nach Liverpool vor Afrikas Küste vom deutschen.

Laconia Film Ein großer Film wird weichgezeichnet

Zweiteiler "Laconia" im Ersten. Anstatt die Überlebenden ihrem sicheren Tod zu überlassen, nimmt das U-Boot die Allierten, unter ihnen der Dritte Gudrun Landgrebe Jung Andrew Buchan und die Zivilistin Hilda Smith Franka Potente Andrew Buchansowie über Schlesisches Tor italienische Kriegsgefangene, die als menschlicher ballast dienten, auf. Katrin hat keine Hoffnung mehr und will Bommel in den Tod folgen. Juli Handlungstechnisch passiert nicht mehr allzu viel — die Dramaturgie des Ab- Wartens ist immer eine Gratwanderung. Ansicht Detail Kompakt. Lernen Sie Französisch. Female Agents. Berlin ' Thomas Kretschmann. Matthew Aubrey. Im letzten Moment scheint die Rettung zum greifen nahe. Teil: Brittany Murphy Mio.


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